I couldn't help noticing you are selling a car on facebook. I have a question

Sure what is it? Well my boyfriend has just passed his test and I wanted to get him a car for valentines day. I don't have a lot of money so I was wondering if you could just give it to me. What? It's on for £1500, that is BTW underpriced. It has a bored engine,turbo and bucket seats. All worth a lot more than that alone. It is just some old Russian car anyway. Your not going to sell it. Besides, I was one of your close f riends in school. Remeber when he was bullying you for your accent and I stuck up for you. Please we are poor. We both work at supermarkets. Please, I will give you an PS3. So what if you stuck up for me. It's not even my car, I'm selling it for my friend after he had to move back home. The only reason its so cheaps is so it will shift fast. The lowest I'm allowed to go is £1000, that's it. Also if you can't afford to buy it, you couldn't run it. It's heavily modified so it will shoot up insurance, especially if he has just passed. It's also from the late 80's so it is not very fuel efficient. I'm sorry, but you may need to go for a normal little hatchback, not a track ready drift build. OMG, I hope you get deported you Russian. Just give me the car. Its not like either of you need it, you already have a car, how can you been so selfish. I still remeber when you were too poor to buy lunch. Smh,you should understand the struggle. I was going to recommend a friend's car that is only £500.
But since you want to see my deported , I guess I won't help you. I don't care. Tell your boyfriend to enjoy walking.