Margo, Will was born in brooklyn, truth or con? con, west philadelphia born and raised

Are we sure we should be listening to these guys, it's like who died and left aristotle in charge of ethics, plato

Tried to catch fog yesterday, pls no, mist

Someone crashed my parked car and drove away, the impact pushed my car up on the sidewalk and they gave me a ticket for parking there

Instead of: apologize to that plant for working so hard to create the oxygen you're stealing, try: i'm not sure that's the direction we want to take mark

Remember this lifeguard at the olympics, it could be worse, imagine being a lifeguard at the world championships lifesaving

Dog: ok, i need you to cut the gray wire, they're all gray

This is how it's done, Trust me, i'm flexpert hamilton

Christmas is coming, Michael Buble Emerges from his cave