When your crush accidentally touches your arm - x3 PP Max

Girls: it's a double standard, guy can wear the same outfit but we have to dress differently every day - Guys: don't care, other girls do

Man who identifies as 6-year-old dominates crossfit kids class

When you see master eating a burger and he only toss you a pice of the tomato - Dog

When you accidentally make eye contact with someone - You vs the other person

When youtube gives you an unskippable ad

When you ask them if they're having a seizure but they just spasm on the ground instead of answering you - All right then keep your secrets


There are two reactions to puns and this photo perfectly sums them up

Looks like we're finally getting that Terminator vs Predators crossover - Pope and Arnold Schwarzenegger

1300s kid: when I grow up - The black plague: no

Person: you can't watch 9 years worth of television in 2 weeks - Me: you have no idea how high I can fly

When I see people I know walking down the corridor towards me - The fastest draw in the west

Humans are complicated - They do things dogs can't understand - Like thermodynamics

Me doing something I'm perfectly capable of and have done before, but someone decides to watch

Me: I'm so fat - Friend: No you're beautiful - Me: I didn't say I was ugly, I said I was fat