When the uber driver is sketchy but everybody's too drunk to care

New England achievement unlocked, shoveling snow and leaves in the rain

As children we all turned into mechanics when this happened

When you're meme scrolling and keep running into inspirational quotes and positive messages, I don't like to feel good, i like to feel evil

This is a checkpoint friendly meme, you might want to check your time, it is important to get a goodnight's sleep. If it is not between 10pm and 7am, you may continue

Not all australian animals will kill you, don't get me wrong, he wants to, he just can't

White people: all lives matter, Refugees: can we live here?

My girlfriend wanted to have a conversation about me being too childish, but she didn't know the password to get in

When you make a lighthearted joke in front of your mom and she starts lecturing you

When you buy a Chinese counterfeit iPhone and it charges up to 103% and then reboots to android with a Samsung logo: This is beyong science

When the Lego box says 4-8 years but you eat all the pieces in 2 minutes - I think of myself as above the average person

When I see someone from high school in a store but they don't see me yet

When you're one rotation away from completing the rubik's cube

Do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while

When you're at school and 3 people say hello to you on ur way to class, how to handle fame

Man protects his woman from the harmful rays of the sun at bus stop