Attack B

Not sure if loading

Why i dont write happy birthday - Jessica

Tanning expectations and reality

Swim - I am a ballerina

Jus bein a cat

Who else likes to follow one blade of a ceiling fan whilst it is spinning?

Can't i just watch 1 more video?

Summer fan

Me eating chips

Scary but true starbucks

Funny omegle

Youtube rage

Le first date

Jack Sparrow in tram

Feel like a model

Silent ninja fart

Coldest feeling ever

I cant get that justin bieber song out of my head

You are my password in wow

Getting fired like a boss

Ski fence

Shanel extra heavy duty

Rage owls

WWII in hd

Hugs keep us alive

Take a smile

Mr Memes

My love

I live in georgia but i dont see russia

Is ur body from Mcdonald's?

I wasn`t that drunk


FFFUUU chicken

Every conversation i have with my parents

Photobomb dog

Chair in tram

Yo dawg wazup?

We Love Russia 6

Disk read error


It`s cold i`m gonna go to bed


lol what?

Hoover hand part 2

Tuning nigga car