Would you like a bag - No i'll just put everything in my pocket

Plays russian roulette with empty revolver - dies

Bus windows the ultimate philosophy school

Your boyfriend cheated on you?

And then i said i will be ready in 5 minutes

Learn the difference it could save your life: mormon, ninja

Sometimes i like to dig a hole in my back yard stand in the hole and pretend i'm a carrot

This guy - He let the dogs out

Dont call it metal - Its technical progressive post-metalcore

If you see da police - Warn a brother

Looses arm to shark - Tatoos a shark on his arm

Going to party without knowing anybody except for one person

Oh you're british - What part of london are you from

Sees you trying to take a picture - Doesn't walk in front of you

I don't always get angry - but when i do

Knows the red dot is a laser - chases for your amusement anyway

That feeling when the teacher puts your work on classroom wall - Success

Disney logic

No jan you cant use your bike inside the pokemon centre

49/50 achievements - Missing the co-op one

Why don't you have a seat - And explain to me why o found these picture of myself on the internet

Games - The only legal place to kill stupid people

Xzibit - Xquisite

Pikachu - Pikasso

Owner said meow - He understands my language

What i see - When i'm late to class

Caribbean pirates - Somali pirates

Why do i hear people talking - Because you have ears

Math 8+6 i need my toes

He said fluttershy was lame - We'll see who's lame after i shoot his knee out

I'm a bird with no wings - Of course i'm angry

Can i eat that - No - Trade it for food

Have 10 classes say to all - You are the worst classe i have

I want to get drunk - But i only have one bottle of vodka

Doesn't believe Shaggy or Scooby when they see monsters, aliens, or villains