Using shift to capitalize the first letter when caps lock is on

Run like united airlines wants your seat

His new food makes him fart lethal gas, i heard him rip one and he made this face

This is terrible you dont know what you're doing, adam sandler, i collect antiquities i'm a serious person, i'm writing a movie right now about the russian revolution, who does kevin james play in it

It'll go great honey, flying is a safe way to travel, u promise i just have to go like this and i will land safely downstairs

I learned the name of the amazon echo and placed an order without speaking permission, larry bird

HOUEOU don't worry i'll save u, please stop why, i'm only practicing speaking danish

You know what they say about love and war, one involves a lot of physical and psychological pain and the other one's war

Dear michael bay i saw your movie bady boys 2 and was wondering if you would consider making good boys 2 thanks

When you ran out of memes, c'mon do a world war

Like right here is my favorite new york pizza joint, and i'm going to go get me a new york slice

As an adult i always forget that i can literally get in my car and buy a cake whenever i want and no one can stop me

Boss what are your qualifications, me punches him in the face, welcome to united

Google may catch you escaping prison but will blur your face google ain't snitch

Mall maintenance shop we can repair anything, please knock hard on the door the bell doesn't work

So my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful

Peppa pig jigsaw puzzle

How i feel, bugs make me feel fine, when i see a bug i say nothing, complete the picture to show an expression you might make when you see a bug

Blessed Jesus you have returned to us, in what meaningful way could we possibly honor your suffering, death and resurrection, eggs

Can i pour you a draft mr peterson, a little early isn't it woody, for a beer, no for stupid questions

That moment you realize it's going to be difficult to explain why you're late for work

United: you should probably just offer more money to convince passengers to move united, united to united knock him out like our name is ray rice

Welcome to heaven charlie murphy, how about some pancakes

Puts out 1 album every 3 years, media she's the greatest, writed two hundred pieces for lute, share if ur sick of media bias against john downland

Welcome to the comment section, how salty are ya

Pitbull if i was a dog id be a chiwawa wait no

When more and more memes begin to relate to your life and you begin to question your lifestyle

You mess with da croco you get da glocko

Wait weren't you pregnant last week, i lost the baby well i hope you find it

They made the dog filter into real thing

No better feelin than turning ur pillow over to the cool side

When you send a meme to someone on the other side of the room and you're waiting for their reaction

Pro-tip if you're going to steal my food and deny it don't log it in your public myfitnesspal account

Always encourage the client to constantly improve, once the passanger has been subdued, a few good stomps to the skull will remind him to volunteer quicker in the future

Mess with the noot noot you get the shoot shoot

Pepsi we just made the worst pr decision, united airlines hold my beer

Thisi is not from bieber's concert, this isn't eminem's concert either, it is grass actually

Y'all ever think about how dogs probably don't understand the concept of a mistake and probably think you step on them on purpose

Pretend that this shoe is an unboned chicked you're about to cook, actually i'm vegan, then pretend this shoe is whatever you people eat, maybe it is a shoe

Me laughing at all these world war 3 memes vs me when i get that draft letter

Who you gonna call goats butter

When your girlfriend wakes you up at 5am to watch her run over a bridge y tho

So here's my number, don't make me regret giving this to you, so that's your number, i was so close

Changing the date on ur paper to a few days earlier so the teacher doesnt see that u did it last minute & know the extent of ur triflin ways

When people ask what race i am, mexican vanilla

Tfw you have a funny spongebob screencap but you have no idea how to turn it into a meme, you used me for land development

What's your mom's name, aqua-martha, welcome to the justice league