I can only has thwee wegs - You can have mine

What if oxygen makes your voice deeper - And helium makes it normal

It's awkward - When someone shows up wearing the same dress but looks better than you

I have no memory of this place

Failed to print document - Printing is not supported on this printer

How does she know?!

Photoshop level - Unimaginable!!

The killer - The killa - Tequila

Is your mac broken? Acquire a screwdriver - Destroy it - Buy a pc

Reads all the labels

Rejected by all the girls

But when the door is shut again - I said meow

My nose starts leaking bloods

I'm a whale - I'm adolf hitler

Bro-fist engaged - Snail - You... what have you done?

Dropping a spoon and naming your chinese kid after the noise it makes

Not sure if black friday or black fry day

Two girls r fighting for me

Do you need me to move that chair?

This is pradaaaaa

If u cud recomend me a book wot wud u recomend? - Little Oxford english dictionary

Give me a kiss - Of course - Muack muack

Do not add and do not reject - I just let then burn into the purgatory

Can't sneeze

I have found my soul mate - Together forever

Pretty stoned

Like her heart

Just borrowing eraser - I lied

I smell pretty


Move into new house - Neighbor has unsecured wi-fi

Hi - Did you eat - Are you copying me? - I love you - Yea i ate already

You are very beautiful Dina from Igor - Forever alone level: Impossibru!!

I think it would be better if your son would stay at the hospital

Someone stole my wallet!

With a daisy - He loves me - He doesn't - Y u no ask him!?

Escape attempt - 5% complete

Me eating le cereal

Relax everybody - She's still in the kitchen

Hate this

One unlucky guy got friend-zoned

I think someone is following mommy - Why did they pause the movie?

But he didn't wake up

A painter making a portrait of me - And done, what do you think? Its okay

Who is responsible for this?

I dont always die in Skyrim - But when i do i haven't saved in 3 hours

Now i'm going to dictate the homework for tomorrow - Words with the speed of light are coming

Regret wasting time on the internet - Continue wasting time on the internet

Is it true that we become bacon when we grow up?

Wild speedometer appears - Speed up like Lance Armstrong