That moment when you freak out because you can't find the cursor on the screen

My girlfriend is retarded

Forever alone at le dentist

Spider bro make fire

Sneeze coming - It's gone - Everyone is staring at me

Forever alone at roller coaster

What are they planning?

If this status gets 100+ likes. I'll delete my facebook

What's a super salad

Let's be friends - Forever a bug

Y u keep talkin bout dolphins nigga?

I just held the men's bathroom door open for some girl

Something wrong - Nothing is wrong nothing at all

Your baby is adorable - I lied

One and two hamsters - Lose one - Still have two

Women's museum - The kitchen


Good boy

I can never shop there ever again

Eating while watching tv - I can't hear anything

My 6 year old brother built a house in the sims

Have you heard that joke that they don't tell to dumb people?

Jim you must go save yourself - I'm not leaving without you - I'm pregnant

I am a torpedo

Which leg is left - Walking

U gonna be a daddy? ke cute - I'm not pregnant

Wanna see a magic trick - Sure babe - Poof you're single

My 11 birthday - 58425 attending

They should make 3-D glasses for real life!

Eeee macarena - Me gusta

Does that mean you like me too?

What it actually looks like - Close enough

Loading bus

It hurts so much

Om nom nom nom i love burgers

Haircut long hair

Strange blue flashing - Laptop

Memes have taken over my life

I am a Hitman

Mom turn off the computer

Eggs in plastic bags

I am spiderman

And that was the harder decision of my life - Pokemon

Scorpion - Subzero

My fortress

For my next trick i will cut somebody in half

Close enough jogging pants with elastic bottoms

Google translate - I love you - Listen - Forever alone

Police open the door - Open it yourself

In reality i'm playing alone