If you don't buy a case for your iphone - You're gonna have a bad time

Every snack you make

Raise Gohan - That's Piccolo's job

Welcome turist we spik inglish - turist pls

If i were you mr love i wudt be so blind lik you - dolan?

I hate it when i lose my black friend in the dark

Copied test from classmate - Got higher mark than him

Umburlla pls

Come back pedobear - i won't hurt you

Raised by penguins, Domino was always a little different

I'm digging a hole

Party spock is in the house tonight - Everybody have a logical time

What you mean - Hogwarts not real

Starts watching my little pony - Friendship stop being magic

Pikachu - Batman - They know

I love you too tiny human

They said i could become anything - So i became a boxer

Learns how to say hello in spanish and french

Agnry brids acualy dolan


I'm on a seafood diet - I see food and i eat it

Hurting you is the last thing on my mind - But it's still on the list

The first sounds of spring