I'll never touch another button again

Baggage forever alone

Go, go to your people

This is my stick - There are many like it, but this one is mine

FFFUUU ice cream

Become meme - Can't get a job cause everyone thinks i smoke weed

No homework? I make you some

Realize you are walking the wrong way - Check you phone before turning around urgently

Your internet connection has failed - I'm free

I'm right where i'm supposed to be - Grab me a sandwich while you're in there

Pass this sheet around and sign your name

How do you touch the strings without getting shocked from the electricity?

This is a robbery get on the floor - Everybody walk the dinosaur

Water into sleeve - Water running under sleeve

I can never leave

How was your weekend? So close

Finally our food is here - It's not here

I do not ask anything ever again - I lied

Hey dad, whatcha watchin - It's called television son


Jehovas witness and troll

Le chair rising

They told me that i could be anything i wanted - So i became a xylophone

Makes earthquake hit east coast - Causes big panic but does no damage

Time for some chocolate pudding

Who is the singer of it? Justin Bieber of course.

Can you give me the most expensive guitar and take a picture of me to put it on facebook?

Because you are my world

Guess i better open the hood and check it out

Charlie Sheen winning

Drink a bear

I don't like stuff coming right at me

They all have lives

Son, do you have any weapons?

You can leave now

Excuse me sir, is this your cat?

Waking up in the morning - Bye mom!

She must be dead

I just bought a new scissor

Me poopsta

Boop - Lol

Lol man, Dr. gusta, Captain troll, The rage, Proffesor poker, The alone

She gave them her credit card number

Shuffle-game forever alone

Chocolate milk forever alone

If you can read this... you've just had an accident

All these illegal immigrants taking our jobs and messing up our culture we must protect america!

I just like ponies and rainbows

Troll watch

I'm a ballon