The cockroach when it starts flapping its wings, me who was a gangsta a moment ago

Teenage girls commenting "queen" and pretttyyyyyy on each other's pictures

Barking at strangers, Barking at the mailman, Barking at Friends and Family, Barking at absolutely nothing

Nobody, Girls in kids drawings

Dad - How old are you? Me - 18 Dad - When I was your age I was 19

Interviewer: Why do you want to Storm Area 51, Dunaway: I want to free my son

When your grandma gives you money, but your mom yells from another room: Don't give him anything!

Eating some tangerine and accidentaly created a deathmetal band logo

The aliens at Area 51 waiting on that "we outside" text

Guys remember to place torches around Area 51 so more guards don't spawn

When too many people you know f rom different places come together & you have to maintain the personality you've created for each one at the same time

When you're at a party and you only know one person

Me in HS: OMG i cant wait to go be on my own and decorate my house, chair and table

Time traveler: what are you playing? Me: Minecraft, Time Traveler: 1 or 2? Me: hapiness noise

Florida man showing up to the area 51 raid

Me going to area 51 and having to kill my FBI agent

When you're at a party and you only know one person