Turning on the lamp, the lamp turns you on

Aladdin: help me up! Throw me the lamp!

I guess my brain is just really big, what else is really big? I thought you'd never ask, the mongol empire

Captain, we're heading towards the lighthouse, I know brother

Lamp Salesman: *slaps top of lamp*, slaps top of lamp again

When you don't go to class but your group puts your name in the project

When you see girls like this on instagram - remember who owns the boat

When you're taking a test and everyone is using a ruler and you can't figure out what the ruler is for

If you won the lottery and got 24 million dollars but your ex was in jail and the bail is 23 million wyd? My who?

When you're helping your kid with their math homework and you realize how stupid you are

When men over 30 with a beer belly wear skinny jeans to look younger