Moustache - Making the world look more serious except for Pikachu

And yet despite the look on my face - You're still talking

You know your crush is standing right behind you - When your best friend is like

Oh grumpy cat - u so hilarious

What if those unexplainable instances of people calling your name

Getting in an argument with a woman is like being arrested because anything you say can and will be used against you

If you smoke weed and roll another one - Does it make you a high roller

Let him go Lou - Someone going that fast has no time for a ticket

I did absolutely nothing all day - And it was everything i thought it could be

Hey Wolf you want a bite of my sandwich - No thanks i'm stuffed

If you confess now you won't get in trouble - It's a trap

Now that you are succesful doctor - You can go play with your friends in Hollywood - Thank you father

Says she'll be ready in 5 minutes - Is actually ready in 5 minutes

A man hits a woman with his car - Whos fault is it - The mans - Why - You shouldn't drive in the kitchen

Is life harder for males or females - Males because of females

Shoots guy with rocket launcher - Ambulance men revive him

I hate it when a llama named carl stabs me 37 times and eats my hands

Allright class which month comes after april - Maaaaaayyyy - That's corect - Well done


Charizard use your flame thrower - Pidgeot gotta get out of the way

Hi i'm drunk - Drunk i'm high

The people don't know their true power

Dog Marley

Artist y u no draw me like one of your french girls

My son will love these toolbars i'm installing - Oh boy dad installed new toolbars

You commited a crime - We will catch you unless you get far, then you are free

Come on dog smile

An inanimate object - Le push - It's moving

If you fall i'll be there - ground

Two flys - Take a closer look - Rubing hands - They plan something

If you swallow an orange seed a tree will grow in your stomach - This is how i die


Can we getz a bigger swimmy pool

People make bad decisions that doesn't make them bad people - Hey guys

Write < or >

I hate when voldemort uses my shower gel without asking

Met a friend on a bus - Now i have to take my earphones off

Have you ever duck face'd so hard - You me gusta'd?

He saw a floating head being sawed in half outside of his airplane's window - That is what's wrong with Don

Thank you mom for making me food so i don't die

I'm not forever alone - I'm forever available

Whale you be my valentine - Dolphinately

Do you accept Derpina as your wife - I accept the terms and conditions

You can't use wikipedia for your paper - Catch me if you can

Dropped my cookie on the floor - King germ shall we seize this cookie - Sweet got my cookie back

I hate it when i'm making milkshakes and boys just show up in my yard

Boyfriend calling you fat - Buy a bike and find a new boyfriend

Dinner time boys - Everything went'ed bitters from excrement

How if feel when the enemy team calls me a hacker while i'm not using hacks - Oh stop it you