You should have used .rar

But i just started boiling the rice

It lied! 60 seconds remaining

I heard if you hold it under your chin, the signal is amplified

Does marker come off a laptop screen?

Are you awake?

Le braking makes me lean

Fall is here

If your smile was any bigger you'd look like an oreo

Yay, only three problems

Why am i reading about the origins of scandinavian death metal?

You're tall, do you play basketball? You're short, do you play mini golf?

You used my body wash, didn't you?

Flushed it down the drain - I will find you

I saw this scam on tv, you're trying to confuse us and take all our cash

Im having my first energy drink - So hardcore

What? You're not pregnant?

Imma just take a sip okay?

So close

They are trolling me - Captcha

You place your feet on the wall - Me gusta

Awkward situation - Challenge accepted

We're twins! But are you sisters?

Batman eats a hotdog - Best advertisement

Why arent you in the kitchen?

8 missed calls from Mom?! I am going to die

Other driver turns with no turn signal

Father - i pay

You thought she has no emotions - Nope, just chuck testa

Can you breath under water? I see what you did there

She's beautiful - So adorable - Fairylike grace - Love

You my mommy? Sure

Troll drop

An old V3 - Okay

Where am i?

Just trolling

Y u no take picture!

Meets justin bieber on flight - only breaks his legs

Hahahahahaha good one

I just got rick rolled on my wedding day

Shotting farts - Why

That's where my car crashed and i died

Best 159 seconds of my life

Mario flag - Poker face - Okay

You were hungry

Late for class - Teacher was too

Whats your order? To eat here? I mean to go?

Are you cheating on me?

Santa is real - He's just dead

Okay - Ninja