Le come - Lego

You have something to say before you die - I have aids

Can't hear ya when you use black text - What?

FFFFUUU rail coaster

Go surfin they said it will be fun they said

What if we can't walk through mirrors - Cause our reflection is in the way?


Remember when you asked me to download that movie for you - I'm in prison

Mornin Sam - Mornin Ralph

Sometimes i want to give up everything - Then i remember that i do nothing

Finally i'm in America! Land of Freedom! You must be new here

Derp have you seen my left boot? What do you mean?

There was a backside?

Because Bruce Lee is no joke, son

Me gusta pool

When im sick during a holiday - When im sick during school time: Call the priest

One does not simply - Just eat one cookie

I like your glasses - I'm afraid they're not for sale

One does not simply - Go to sleep early on sunday night

Transformers - Would they buy life insurance or car insurance

I'm a bird bird bird bird! We can be birds at the same time! Bir-bir-bir-bird

Hey taxi - Hey walker

Hello this is steve dogs

That awkward moment when you are singin someone else's song in the shower - And fear the FBI will come for you

Captain do you even know where you're going - Off course

No time to explain - Grab a cactus

I had fun once - It was awful

Eucalyptus makes you high? Wait till my unicorn hears about this

Adventure - Oh God WHY

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Troll sun - She gives me her sweetest smile

I'm in no condition to drive - Wait i shouldn't listen to myself i'm drunk

I mustache you a question - Can eyebrows your computer?

What girls do

Still a better vampire than edward

I can't stay mad at you kitty

2 girls with same dresses at a party

Come to my place tonight - But it's raining

Or play with them, its funn

Students, please, can you help me

I take 10 meters long mercedes


Putting my helmet on

Me heasta

Spell dysfunctional - OH God Y

Took an arrow in the knee on my way


I just go the new iphone - Raise your hand - Thats who cares