Bro, do you want to be seen or not?

No pictures, i object to any recording storage, broadcast, and other use of my image

This is really a mexican champagne, it is i don't mess around, all right, that is tequila

Lol, you're a funny guy, i'm going to kill you last

Game of thrones, end of season 5, start of season 6

I always wear my seatbelt yolo

Some say that a dogs sense of smell can be 1000 times better than yours, true

Orange, can't eat this before all the white stuff is removed

Thank you craft beer breweries for making my drinking problem seem like a neat hobby

Dihydrogen monoxide, is deliberately sprayed on organic crops

All you need to know about the american health care system is that there's a popular tv series, where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills