Just walking with friends when suddenly - Sync'd steps

Died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people

Need toilet paper - It wasn't me


I drew you a picture - A ninja - Clever girl


Incoming subway train - Moment of apprehension

Who is afraid of boogyman? Not me. Because he's my cousin

If you did this - Your childhood was awesome

Dude he just called you a thief! Oh no! Hold his wallet.

I'm a chief

Not my room

I love you mom!

That moment when you're trying to go to sleep, and you keep remembering all the emberassing things you've ever done

Forever alone dog

No i don't want to delete it! I just need more space

I wait till april 1st to ask a girl out - That way when they say no i can just say april foold and leave

I'm lost where are we - 4chan - Is it safe to play here?

Reaches into my pocket - Headphones come out perfectly untangled

Soooo hardcore - Facebook

Okay guy in real life

I'll risk it - I'm gonna die

Girlfriend asks what i did today - It's a trick, she must already know

Going to mall with marla and about to get crazy at starbucks with these drinks! We were born to be wild! - So hardcore

Nothing's impossible - Tell me something impossible - I can't - Because it's impossible

She has no clue, i am the bad influence


Koosh ball - You are never leaving my face

Free seating - We can sit anywhere

Someone tries to get in your locked bathroom stall - Open door and ask what they want

Have diarrhea, feel fart coming on - Russian roulette

Somewhere in America - Imma chinese - Meanwhile in Chine -Wong long hong American

Scruffy get back here - No! I must dance


I have other students work to grade

Study for ten minutes - Reward self with two hours of pointless internet use

Lol fish


Aquaman - Who's useless now?

I have missed you my hooded friend

We had a beautiful baby girl named Herpina

At kyles birthday party had 6 energy drinks - So hardcore

Forever alone

Gimme food gimme fries gimme salad on the sides

Turn right - In two miles

Tuning the g string - One more twist

Why whenever i go into your room you are looking for your desktop?

Ruck rea dog compilation

Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which i desire!