Hi is this selling the iPhone? How much do you want for it? Also what condition is it in?

Ok how does $40 sound? It can't be worth 120. That's too much for an old phone like that. Loi you're kidding right? There's no way someone is gonna pay 100 for that. I'll cut you a deal and give you 50 because I'm feeling generous but you'll have to drop it off. Yeah but how is that fair at all? You're selling it for cheap (according to you) so you clearly dont need it anymore. I actually need it and you're lucky I'm willing to pay at all! I'm a student in uni now and I need a phone so I'll pay you 60 final offer. I'll tell you what, if you need the phone that bad I'll sell it to you for $90 and I can drop it off for you if you pay for my fuel. I don't see any harm in that. Haha f you now you're scamming a student. I'm not going to pay for your fuel if your offering to sell it to me? You're retarded if you think 90 is an acceptable price. I'll settle for 50 because you're being rude to a student. Ineed that phone and I'm the only person you'll f ind that will pay for it. That's it. For every minute you ignore me I'm taking a dollar off. Don't act like you're in the right here? You're not getting any good karma for this. Maybe bad karma for scamming a student. I'm not even poor. I can afford any phone Iwant but i was being generous